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Default Re: Are all Police Officers Criminals?


As for the legalization of drugs in general. I agree in principal that people have the right to put in their bodies what they want as long as they do not hurt other people. However, their are some drugs which are just too damn addictive and must be kept off the street.

Take the epidemic of beautiful PURE crystal Meth Amphetamine doing the rounds in Oz at the moment and according to my ex in Canada, in your area too. This stuff cannot be allowed to proliferate. It is SOOOOOOOOOOO addictive and leads EASILY to psychosis and all sorts of whacky behaviour which to be quite frank is not controllable including INCREDIBLY risky sexual behaviour.

This stuff destroys people and the community in general. It must be wiped out and when the coppers stop being paid off to let the druggies run it, it will stop, which gets us back to coppers as criminals.

Naturally you tend to be known by the company you keep so it is inevitable that coppers are compromised. For one, thet are like the Americans in Iraq seeking to contain a POPULAR insurgency. You CANNOT win against a popular insurgency whether it be freedom fighters of drugs. Most of the coppers i used to know used amphetamine at one time or another. So how can you stop something you are not morally opposed to?

Also, corruption. Put simply the coppers are paid off. No matter how many "clean outs" by the Feds within a few years it's back to square 1.

You must also understand the nature of intelligence gathering. The coppers use "criminal informants" who naturally must be allowed to run drugs and run in the appropriate circles to gather intelligence. They will also be expected to share a bit of the profits around with "the lads".

The biggest criminal informants in Western Australia are the "Coffin Cheater Mototrcycle Gang". They work for the cops. IMAGINE! I mean how else do you walk around town with an ounce of pure coke on ya totally care free if you're not being protected? How else do you explain being pulled over and having a Glock being pulled from under the drivers seat and getting off? How else do you explain having a half kilo of pure meth being pulled from your floor safe and the Judge granting you immediate bail and giving you your passport so you can go on a holiday?

The only way the "drug problem" and the inherent "corruption problem" will go away is when the average person understands the nature of the beast itself. The coppers are corrupt and so is the judiciary.

The judiciary is made up of fags and kiddie fiddlers and they are heavily compromised. I might add I say this as a statement of fact with no malicious intent. EVERY Judge is a fag or a paedophile. Period. "The Purple Circle". $80,000 will get you off ANY charge if you know the right people. The Judiciary is a free market enterprise for entraprenaurs who RELY on criminal activity to pay the bills. Literally. It's like asking the Pentagon to end wars...why in the hell put yourself outta a job?

I will cut short hear and say that the community must make knowing how the world works a top priority. That includes the adage that the people at the top are completely corrupted. No if's and NO buts.
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