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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Weak-minded women and thugs who want to rob you once you have lost your right to keep and bear arms no doubt accounted for most if not all the pro-ban votes.

I would have loved to tell those women what a great equalizer a 9mm is at 20 paces, give or take. There is a bastard out there somewhere today who is walking around with a very pronounced limp because I blew his kneecap off. My aim was off, I was aiming about 2 feet higher.

Good on Brazil for having MEN who know that THEY are the last line of defense for themselves and their famiilies. Remember New Orleans where the police ran away when the poop hit the fan?

Sadly, most Americans only envision having to use guns against the military one day. They should live so long through the chaos that will preceed total martial law. It won't just be here, either. It will be all over.

Buy them now, while you still can. I suggest 9mm because that is the closest interchangable calibre to UN and NATO rounds or at least it used to be. If you run low on ammo you can always pick up what they "drop."

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