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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

I wonder if the Yanks know how ridiculous our gun laws are?

You must prove yourself worthy of Catholic sainthood to get one and then you are limited to 7 round magazines for handguns! Semi auto .22 rifle popguns are out...even for farmers! Pump action shotguns banned...etc...

However, i am for registration and the laws whereby if you get a AVO against you the coppers come straight round and get your guns. I'm sorry. I dont believe in open have to have a drivers licence.

Amazingly, once Johnny declared he would not allow a "gun culture" to form in this country the local state governments gave licences for "gun ranges" in the suburbs to open up where any idiot can come in and fire ANY handgun they you do when you dont want to encourage a gun culture.

Also, and i speak from direct experience, the black market for guns has BOOMED! Right now I could reach over to the phone and order a Glock or Beretta with 50 rounds. Brand new. In the box.

There is not a professional criminal out their who cannot get their hands on a handgun.

However, i cannot legally get one because i have an unrelated criminal record with absoloutly no history of violence.

Good on Brazil for sticking it to them anyway. With the place the way it is i'd be wanting a handgun too. %99 of crims will not use one if they know their intended victim is packing.

It would also help as the above aritcle mentions that drug use be wiped out. LITERALLY %90 of ALL crime would end. But we could'nt have that could we.
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