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Default Re: Are All Police Officers Criminals?

Are Most Cops Criminals ??? – :-o :-o :-o

I am certain, like in everything else in life, there are some good cops out there. In one occasion I met a good cop that pulled me over for doing 105 mph on a 55 mph zone. He asked me why was I driving so fast, & I told him the truth. No reason. I just wanted to feel the road underneath my 300-ZX & see how the car handled. He gave me a road sobriety test, gave me a speeding ticket, & told me to go straight home & not to go out again that night. I did just that. However, he could have done anything he wanted w/ me that night. People like him are rare, but they are out there, I’m sure. He was human. He knew that in reality, I had not committed a crime. I got a fine for driving at an “illegal” speed & he did not abuse my rights as a citizen. To this day I thank this guy for being “human”. Something I can’t say for most cops of today. Most of them violate your rights knowingly, & because they violate the constitution they swore to protect, none of us are “free”. Only the wealthy can buy their “freedom”. The rest of us are “guilty” as charged. Even if you hire an attorney & fight it, the judge always sides w/ the bull-shit story the cop writes in his “affidavit”. They are liars, & because the laws they violate to make us “guilty”, they are also “criminals”. That is the sad reality we live in. And it seems that no one wants to listen. The “judicial” system in this country is a farce, from bumper to bumper. “Freedom” doesn’t exist. True “Justice” doesn’t exist. And “justice” can only be purchased.
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