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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

Rushdooney, my compliments on your very informative post. While we still may, we need to get all the information out there that is sure to be banned by the book-burners, truth-haters and lovers of the lie. It's coming and we pretty much all know it.

Don't get sidetracked with symptoms of the NWO like women's questionable liberation. There are weak-minded men as well as women out there; I have married my share of them and I can vouch for that, so the pot must not call the kettle black; it is divisive and serves no good purpose.

We have a common foe and "they" are gaining ground every day that the truth doesn't go out in great streams to those who have never heard it. Truth so often resonates. It may be strange to those who have never heard it before, but they will come back later and ask you to tell them more. Yes, even the idiots with the tattoos.

We need to come up with a counter for the abuse of our children's minds when they are marched through "holocaust museums" and are captive audiences for those who regularly go to schools spreading their lies. This is Child Abuse, plain and simple. We are losing our future generations.
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