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Default Best Lines....So Far..

I believe God is found in compassion. Babies will always cry in symphony, with and for each other.
Somewhere, that innate compassion gets lost in the mix as children learn about the cruel world.

Infants rage and get angry when the world does not mirror their point of view.
This is normal for an infant. It is dangerous for an adult.

We have to live in the way we want the world to be.
Golden Rule is worthy of effort, at least on behalf of other individuals.

Enough already. Even the Bible says, one shake,
and then leave the poor heathen alone to deal with his own dust allergies.

Sometimes you could learn more form your opponents then from your supporters.

Simply consider the possibility that there is more truth that you have not yet discovered

Why don't you do as you say? where is the compassion you talk about? why not peace?

Which comes to the point of this website a Forum where we can post a belief and see who says what.
I'd say hold off the personal attacks and attack the opinion.
This allows constructive criticism and might open both eyes of the aggressor and the defender.

Remeber we are all Humans and as Humans we suffer from the imperfection of the Human condition

Perhaps we should all be asking ourselves what kind of colored glasses we are wearing,
rather than how the "reality" appears to us.

If we can't accept all opinions.. We are just as blind as the The Media..

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