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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

Did you read the first paper
in this thread by the expert
Michael Hoffman?
Lots of people died in WW2
but there were no homicidal
gas chambers or mass genocidal gassings
of any humans. How many
German's were killed, do you
know the number? It's very high
and that is the real Holocaust.
Did you read the entire Hoffman paper?
My mother was born in the late 1930s and grew up in Nazi-occupied, WWII Prague.. a few years later, her father was murdered by Josef Stalin in one of his purges while she was still a teenager.

I grew up w/ more than enough WWII stories to know that yes, there really was a Holocaust and yes, the Nazis were really nothing more than knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Prove that all evidence of a Jewish Holocaust is a *lie*, and you still have to contend w/ the fact that Nazis practiced systematic ethinc cleansing in every East European country they occupied. Czech towns like Lezaky and Lidice were eradicated off the face of the earth by Nazi death squads in a matter of hours for *no* rational reason at all, and this is a story that was repeated by the Nazis hundreds - if not thousands - of times throughout Eastern Europe:

Sorry, but the "second-hand" eyewitness testimony I have from my own mother kinda trumps anything any Holocaust revisionist is going to come up w/.. Besides, if you've ever visited Europe and (really) interacted w/ the natives there (esp those of a slightly older generation), you'll quickly find that Europeans *really* hate Jews. Doesn't matter if its in France or Germany or Eastern Europe, etc.. there's a *lot* of unexpressed animosity and hatred towards Jews in that part of the world. It's not like here in the US where it's a "land of freedom" and "come one, come all, we'll treat you equally", etc.. They have no such tradition in Europe and .. in general .. the attitude throughout most of the European lands is *strongly* anti-Jewish.

It's not inconcievable (at all) that in the midst of war, things getting carried away as they inevitably do, they're going to make scapegoats of the people they hate and start carting them off to concentration camps.

That said, like I said before, there's good reason to think that the Jewish death numbers have been inflated (perhaps substantially).

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