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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

When I was in Switzerland it wasnt unusual to see people walking around with full auto military firearms with them slung going about their day to day business.
Everyone there has to do military service and if they dont they have to leave the country, its a condition of citizenship.
They also have to keep this weapon and a box of ammo in their personal residences ready to use, they also have to practice with it regularly.

Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, they are also virtually imperviouse to invasion.
The Swiss also practice as a part of their democracy CIR or Citizens Initiated Referenda, basicly if a certain percentage of the population decides an issue needs voting on or if they disagree with a goverment decision as little as 10 000 people sign a petition and the entire country is obligated to vote on it.

Result a totalitarianism free zone.

As chairman Mao once said "power grows from the barrel of a gun" therefore in a democracy guns belong in the hands of the people.

As for the firearms legislation here in good old Oz the American people should take carefull note because its heading your way, a massacere supposedly caused by a lone lunatic was the pretext the government used to basicly blanket ban every law abideing citizen.
The coalition against gun controll headed up by a coward who hid behind a tree while his wife and childeren were shot in the said massacere and a loony feminazi Rebecca Peters failed to get one fact straight whilst bombarding the shocked Australian public in the immediate aftermath of the event.
All legitimate debate was stiffled as the government steamrolled the new legislation through almost immediatly.

The black market in firearms mostly handguns has boomed helped by the fact that the New South Wales police force "lost" a 40 foot container of unmarked Glock .40s off the docks in Sydney.
100 000 unmarked Glocks are kicking around the suburbs somewhere, all the paperwork was gone as well suggesting an inside job.

Indeed we live in interesting times.
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