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Default Re: why are people so hostile to white nationalists, or white separatists? Is it Pavlovian?

Spoken like a true lover of liberty, Thumper, and a very good question whose time has come to be answered. Sorta makes you wonder why no one has asked it before, doesn't it? Therein lies a big part of the answer.

Nobody questions the right or wrong of races wanting to live amongst their own, unless they're white, of course. Then it becomes a downright sin of major proportions and not to be tolerated. Ask anyone, it is about the only thing on which everybody can agree.

Visit any city and you will find it is divided into ethnic/racial enclaves; Chinatown, 'hoods, Little Mexico, Little Havana, the jews own most of the businesses in the rest of the town so they just carve out a nice neighborhood in which to live with restrictions in place. Now, ask yourself, when was the last time white people tried to break into and thereby break up this racial hegemony? Doesn't happen. Live and let live.

Yet that courtesy is NEVER extended to whites wishing to live amongst their own kind. The government subsidizes "block busters" to go in and buy houses in all white neighborhoods, checking for evidence of racism . Woe unto the white family that doesn't want loud music and cars coming and going all night long and druggies hanging out in their neighborhood, not to mention the shitty disposably baby diapers that are thrown from the windows of moving vehicles onto your front lawn so they don't have to deal with it when they get home two doors down. Same goes for beer cans, bottles, cups and wrappers from McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.

Don't tell me I'm wrong, I lived it. My house was in a once clean, quiet, predominantly white formerly Italian neighborhood inside the 610 Loop in Houston, Texas, and I watched helplessly along with the other homeowners as new streets were cut through the neighborhood, over our protests, for easier access to transient apartments and the big and boistrous Fiesta food store which played mariachi music all day and most of the night through loud speakers placed around the outside perimeter of the huge store.

First one house, then two, then ten were bought (read given) to minorities in the city's "scattered housing" program. Only white neighborhoods were chosen for this purpose and only minorities got the houses. It was a "lottery" and only minorities could play. I had to replace all the glass in the front of my house with 1/2" plexiglass to protect my children from drive-by shootings which happened on a regular basis.

Nothing movable could be left outside because it would not be there the next morning; children's toys, hanging baskets, statuary, all gone; Christmas decorations - forget it.

Please don't insult my intelligence by saying that poverty caused this. The most grinding poverty this country has ever known was the Great Depression and it didn't turn people into thieves and murderers. Within less than one (1) year the neighborhood looked like a third world country.

Those who are willing to move out of cities in order to separate from what they consider undesirable conditions are persecuted and called white separatists. How did that get to be a dirty name? What the hell is wrong with wanting to get away from all the crime and noise of cities or even towns? Nothing, unless you're white.

Take Randy Weaver as a for instance. He bought land, built a small house and moved his family to Ruby Ridge. Didn't bother anyone, made a little bit of money repairing guns and modifying shotguns to within 1/4 inch over the legal length for the barrel. His wife, Vicki, home-schooled their children.

The government trumped up charges against him and sent in their snipers and shock and awe troops, killing his 14 year old son, his wife (blew her head off while standing in the front doorway holding their infant daughter), killed the family pet, and wounded a friend of the Weavers' who happened to be there the day of the "raid." Randy's biggest crime was that he was a white separatist and didn't like government. He had committed NO crime.

The same sniper who killed Vicki Weaver was at Waco shooting the people who were trying to run out of the burning buildings with their clothes and hair on fire. He proved his worth at Ruby Ridge. I would hope that I don't need to recount the fiasco at the Branch Davidian Church at Waco. Another group of predominantly white people who wanted to worship in their own way and live separately from everyone else. Most of them worked in Waco but wanted to come home to peace and quiet.

That should have been the wake up call for the nation but because a pudgy faced FBI liar went before the cameras and lied through his teeth every day of the "siege," the nation's reply was, "Go on in there and bring them out and end this BS. I can't watch my soaps with this stuff on every day." With each day that passed, this was the consensus the country was being herded toward. Lies about child abuse, lies about illegal weapons, lies, lies, and more lies.

When the FBI, BATF, foreign nationals(British Harrier Jets), Texas Rangers, Sheriff, National Guard and God only knows who else were told the time was right, they stood by and watched the Feds as they pulled off a massive assault using tanks, incendiary devices pushed through the sides of the buildings, against virtually unarmed and innocent men, women and children, setting fire to the wooden structure, slaughtering the vast majority of them and jailing the survivors. No crime had been committed as was later proven but it didn't keep them from going to jail.

Evidence was forged, some of it was stolen - it was another f__k up of major proportions. Their crime was Worshiping While White and wanting to live apart.

Have you forgotten the church day care centers that were chained and padlocked, supposedly because they were "illegal" by virtue of not meeting State mandated guidelines? Uh Uh. They were an attempt on the part of church members to keep their children out of harm's way in crime-ridden integrated schools so they could get an education without paying for it with their lives. Learning while white is a crime, too.

You see, the problem is, when you are deceived you DON'T KNOW that you are deceived. Sometimes you find out later, but the harm has already been done while you stood by with your thumb up your rear. Look at Bush's former supporters; it only took them a little over two years and 2,000+ dead Americans to find out they had been deceived. Wonder how much difference that makes to the dead, wounded, scared for life physically and mentally individuals who paid for that deception and the numbers are still rising.

We white Americans, individually and collectively, are the most brainwashed people on the face of the earth, with Western Europeans coming in a close second. Should we be made to feel guilty and have to pay for situations that existed 50-100 or more years ago? How many of you owned slaves? How about your mothers and fathers? Grandparents? How many of you helped enslave and eradicate the American Indians? Come on, 'fess up! How many of you got up this morning and said, "I can't wait to discriminate against the first person of color that I encounter"? Here's the biggest question of all because it involves the biggest sin of all - how many of you were concentration camp guards? Hmmmmm? Served in the Third Reich? Bought soap made from cc inmates? Have souvenir lamp shades made from human skin? BTW, these claims on the part of concentration camps "witnesses" have been successfully proven to be lies but way too many years after Nuremberg to make a difference.

See, that's where the brainwashing comes in. We have been told repeatedly that the white man (especially) is bad, no redeeming qualities. He is the cause of all that is wrong with the world. He should be made to pay for all that wrong, whether he personally committed any part of it or not.

Apply this bullshit line of reasoning on any other race and see what you get for your efforts.

Now, how can you tell when someone is brainwashed? Be observant and watch people who act against their own best interests and see how they are praised as the other brainwashed bobble heads around them nod their approval. Watch the talking heads on your government approved TV stations. They are well-versed in the art of manipulation of the masses. "If it bleeds, it leads" is fine but when the criminal, IF S/HE IS CAUGHT and shown, will never have their race mentioned, unless s/he is white. Watch the facial expressions and body language as the lines are read and really listen to the ad-libing. This has been played out in front of your eyes and on top of your head for so long that it only registers subconsciously; more brainwashing.

Remember the blond haired, blue eyed news reader who watched the riots in Ohio start? She kept asking, "Where are the police? Why don't they stop them? Why aren't they doing something?" as gangs of blacks looted and burned white businesses and houses. The police stood by and let it go on for some time before stepping in and making a few arrests. The station took a hasty commercial break and when they came back she was gone, replaced by Mr. Suave and Debonair who assured everyone there was no reason for concern, it came about as a result of racist Neo Nazis who were demanding more police protection in the neighborhood. Horrors!!!

END OF STORY. Only slight mention of the "incident" appeared on the regular news and only the white men who were removed from the scene almost an hour before the looting and burning started were shown and castigated for causing all the problems.

Forget multiculturalism, we are very quickly being overrun by minorities from all over the third world. It is an invasion just as surely as if it were done by a foreign military. As I have said before, it is not about racism, it is about finite space and finite resources. We have a right to exist in our own country, free from fear and intimidation. As more and more states go minority majority the first thing they mandate is that "whitey" leave. If you are still in denial, plan your next vacation in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, San Diego, San Antonio, Brownsville, Corpus Christi or that heaven on earth, Laredo. IF you make it back, then we can talk.

Look into the trusting eyes of your children and then tell me how important it is to be politically correct to a point where you have given away their birthright and bequeathed them a virtual hell on earth that they will not likely survive. Their chances would be better in Calcutta.

These same minorities will be the ones taking to the streets, looting, burning and killing while you wonder where the police are and why they have suddenly disappeared the way they did when the poop hit the fan in New Orleans and Toledo. Too many were talked out of their right to keep a firearm for protection and most gave them up readily. After all, they are dangerous and the police will protect us. It is the politically correct thing to do.

There are well over two million gang members operating in this country right now, from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, China, Russia - they walk through our porous "borders" with drugs, automatic weapons and possibly satchel nukes for all we know. If Americans form organizations like the Minute Men to try and slow down the flow, they are called racists and worse. Their property is confiscated and given to these illegal alien law breakers. Only in America, folks.

Yes, Thumper, the PTB do fear the white race. They are so afraid that the white man, dumbed down, brainwashed and deceived though he may now be, will wake up one morning and the scales will fall from his eyes allowing him to see what is being done to him and his race. IF that happens, the NWO can kiss it's arse good bye. They are a bunch of intellectual bigots, plotters and planers who need a compliant populace for their plans to come to fruition. There's a hell of a lot more of "us" than there are of "them."

That's it for now. There's a lot more but if you haven't "seen the light" by now, then you will surely feel the heat later on - unless you can afford to catch the next flight out to New Zealand or Australia. I hear they are going to be fairly safe if you have enough money for one of their new gated communities or can hire your own private security guards.

Oooops, I forgot. They aren't taking in any white people. Jews are going there, you say? Just as they can hold dual citizenship, they can also - when it serves their purposes - claim minority status also. Remember Barbra Streisand saying at Clinton's first inauguration ball, "Finally, we PEOPLE OF COLOR have our own President." Surprise!!
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