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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?


After 30 years of research, revisionist authors have reached the following conclusions:

The Hitler "gas chambers" never existed.
The "genocide" (or "attempted genocide") of the Jews never took place. In other words: Hitler never gave an order nor permission that anyone should be killed because of his race or religion.
The alleged "gas chambers" and the alleged "genocide" are one and the same lie.
This lie, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made an enormous political and financial fraud possible, whose principal beneficiary is the state of Israel.
The principal victims of this fraud are the German people (but not the German rulers) and the entire Palestinian people.
The enormous power of the official information services has, thus far, had the effect of ensuring the success of the lie and of censoring the freedom of expression of those who have denounced the lie.
The participants in this lie know that its days are numbered. They distort the purpose and nature of the Revisionist research. They label as "resurgence of Nazism" or as "falsification of history" what is only a thoughtful and justified concern for historical truth. Complete paper:
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