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Default Re: Countdown to World War Three

Just stop and think about it if the devil in the bible realy exists dont you think he would turn the whole world against God's people at the same time convinceing people to worship him all the while thinking their worshiping the true God?
At the same time God has turned against them (Isreal) Himself many times for thier sin and arrogance so I would be cautious of takeing thier side but I would never stand against Isreal its suicide even the nations that God used to work her over are eventualy judged by God for doing what He made them do. lol
Of course we could get into the whole debate about whether todays nation of Isreal is the true Isreal (I dont think so they may be Judah however so not much different in many ways). However I do believe God has a special place for all people that try to keep His laws. So in any case I would never touch Isreal myself.
Also people should stop and think many supposed Jewish leaders are likly false Jews from the devil himself (I've heard nearly all Isreali leaqders are 33 degree masons)so the bad things they do should be no surprise but that dosent mean they as a people are bad. Would any US americans (or christians for that mater) here like to be judged by what the Bush family has done?
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