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Default Re: why are people so hostile to white nationalists, or white separatists? Is it Pavlovian?

multi-kult doesn't just affect whites. It reminds me of what Dr. Stan Monteith said about how the British and now the Americans intentionally force the Shiites and Kurds to live together in 'multi-cultural' democracy, instead of giving them their own countries, always playing one group off another, always forcing hostile groups to live together, justifying the police state.

The whole thing is just dialectics.

I don't know why the other 'patriot' groups can't figure out that self-determination is good for everyone, and using the 'logic' that the very nature of independance means you want to destroy every thing else is pure One World propaganda.

Look at how ape shit this lady gets:


it's beyond obvious that what "white separatists" would have to do to succeed, by their definition, is to take a piece of the earth by force...because it is beyond obvious that if there were ANY place on the planet where ANY sizable group of people wanted these pee-brains amongst them, then they'd already HAVE their little nazi heaven behind walls. how fucking long have these adult infants been muling and whining for their sick dream?

just how utterly stupid and suicidal is it anyway, to invite and entice the hatred of the skin color you wear on earth, when your numbers are declining and those other skin colors are increasing? oh, must, deep down inside, be truly convinced that the pigment in their skins makes them wiser and kinder... more advanced in both intellect and compassion than "whitey" has been, and thus they will, when they're at the helm someday soon, accord you respect and recognize your equal rights and celebrate diversity, even though you despised it.

wish i could share your belief in their extraordinary supremacy, but damn if i don't suspect they're no better than me.

no man is an island. no community is, either, bub. you want to go live unbothered by the rest of the world with all its horrid rainbow of colors? fine.

just be sure you leave behind every good thing you currently enjoy that's ever been done by anyone except a white racist. list us their accomplishments and then off with you to your heavenly exile, but you will not be allowed to take any of the benefits that have been created by societies of brown, black, red, or yellow peoples.

it's back to the caves for you, monkeyman, eep eep oop oop.

unless you can kill the rest of us, including most "whites". how many guns you got?

by all means keep talking. personally, i think stupidity ought to be studied, not ignored. do hold forth and let us see your fatal philosophy in all its glory be.
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\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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