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Default Re: Chinese Defense Minister Gives Speech About WAR plans against the United States

Holy shit! Quick! Ring the Whitehouse and tell them to stop investing their part of 50 billion a month in China! Those cunning Chinese are gonna stab us whiteys in da back! Oh dem slant eys!!!!!!

Lets see, CIA puts in Mao and almost kills off the Christian Chang Kia Shek who woulda whipped his arse. The West POURS in the investment and builds up the bogeyman ala: Soviet Union. And WE fall for it again. Quivering in our sleep. Sheets pulled up high over the head praying for the warming Suns rays of morn. The collective sigh of relief as another day dawns. We are still here brothers and sisters. Thank the Lord and a 500 billion dollar Defence bill.

There may well be war. But it will be totally contrived just as China is. A blow up doll with a anglo/u.s puppeteer behind it.

China has NO capacity to take on the U.S and Christendom in general. It will make great reading though. Cue Tom Clancy.
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