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Default Re: Americas Most Wanted

Thank you! A hit list for the new Benito Mussolini round up vigilanti group of the future!
Yes, rounded up by blood thirsty Commies at the behest of British Intelligence before Benito could spill the beans on ALL those "friendly" communications with the British government.

He was shot and then had his head stomped on until it was pulverised. His mistress got the same and then they were strung up like slaughtered pigs. Local villagers were disgusted with the bahaviour and local women demanded his mistress be taken down and left in dignity.

This, unlike the "holohoax" is a well known and undisputed fact.

This is the thanks the man who got the Italian trains to run on time got?

I despise all forms of dictatorship. But when it comes to a choice between the "right" and the "left". I'll take the order of the right any time.

BTW...the neo-cons are bolshevicks. NOT fascists. Fascists look after their own.
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