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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

truebeliever wrote:

You may simply be offline but I hope you will be replying to the specific question. Can you really beleieve the "Holocaust" as espoused by the mainstream EVER happened? And I dont just mean numbers, i mean the homicidal gas chambers and the specific plan to solve, "the Jewish Problem".

I dont doubt that Nazi war crimes happened although thats up for debate too, seeing as the Allies and others have lied and fabricated evidence non stop since the end of the war.
Hi TrueBeliever,

Well, I can tell you based on what I regard as reliable, first-hand testimony that most (not all, not most) of the Jews living in Prague's Jewish Quarter were rounded up by the Nazis and deported off in boxcars (not all at once, of course, but systematically, over time), and that most of these Jews *never* returned to Prague after the War. Draw from that what conclusions you may.

You also have to take into account incidents like Kristallnacht, all the anti-Jewish laws the Nazis passed soon after taking power, etc. I'm not certain if the Nazis ever *formally* designated it as a "Jewish Problem", but there clearly as a systematic pattern of oppressing Jews and making life as difficult as possible for them. Whether this was broken down along specific "ethnic" or "social" lines w/in the Jewish community, I have no knowledge whatsoever ... (i.e., if the Rothschilds are running the whole show, and they're murdering and oppressing their poorer cousins, etc).

That said, like I said before, there's ample reason to think that the 6 million figure is inflated. In the first place, WWII had a very "corporate" feel to it, being run (for the most part, imho) by corporate powers from America and the UK (i.e., GM and IBM were using slave labor in the Nazi concentration camps to build their products). It stands to reason that most of these concentration camps were just that: slave labor camps.. and slavery being abhorrent as it is, in general, you don't want to recklessly murder all your slaves, b/c then who's going to do all the work?

Someone once said that trying to figure out what's happening in the world by watching the news is like trying to tell the time by looking just at the second hand: you'll never have the correct context to figure it out. Much of this "slave labor" technology (if you can call it that) has been put to good use by US corporations since the end of WWII. Certainly GM runs slave labor camps (i.e., concentration camps) down there on the Mexican border (on the Mexican side), where they build their "cars" (<- if that's the right word for those hunks of crap) and then bring them into the US w/o tariffs, compliments of NAFTA.

But I think it's important not to lose sight of *reason* either. For a couple reasons:

* If the Enemy is able to convince you that Nazi concentration camps, or Nazi extermination programs, never existed, then you won't believe it when you start to hear about concentration camps here in the U.S.. and I think it stands to reason that there *are* concentration camps, ready and waiting, here in the U.S. Bear in mind that the sitting President is the grandson of one of the chief architects of the Nazi Regime (Prescott Bush). The second hand keeps ticking.. What they learned about concentration camps, slave labor, and extermination programs during the Nazi Era is now being applied here in the U.S.. but if you don't believe it happened in Nazi Germany, you'll just be letting history repeat itself all over again in the U.S..

* I think it stands to reason that *most* of the Nazi concentration camps were used for slave labor (again, given the "corporate" nature of WWII). However, I can't imagine a fascist dictator who isn't going to keep at least one or two extermination death camps on his shopping list, just for killing off political opponents if nothing else. Certainly, if such camps are ever built/used in the U.S., I anticipate most of them being used for extermination, not slave labor. The Ruling Elite in the U.S. has already effectively enslaved much of the rest of planet Earth.. Their slave labor is safely ensnared outside U.S. borders (Mexico + Latin America alone supplies more than ample slave labor for U.S. needs). But the Americans themselves are a different problem: they have a penchant for liberty and they love their guns. There's only one solution for this in the mind of a fascist dictator: mass extermination programs.

Soo all in all, yes I believe the 6 million number is inflated.. In reality, it's probably no higher than 3 million, or perhaps even much lower than that.. who knows? It's an interesting area of history. Someday I'll look into it more closely and be able to give you a more definitive answer.

At the same time, I think it's unwise to let the Enemy convince you that it *never* happened.. To do so, you'd be playing right into his hands (imho)..

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