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Default Re: Countdown to World War Three

littlejohn wrote:
At the same time God has turned against them (Isreal) Himself many times for thier sin and arrogance so I would be cautious of takeing thier side but I would never stand against Isreal its suicide even the nations that God used to work her over are eventualy judged by God for doing what He made them do. lol
I think you really need to get past this "Israel is the chosen people of 'God'" type rhetoric.. That's not a responsible way of looking at much of anything.. not for an American, not for a Christian, and frankly not even for a Jew.

In the first place, God judges all men individually.. always has and always will. It's not a "collective" thing where if I belong to this nation/group/people/religion then I'm cool, and if not then I'm going to Hell.

Secondly, all Spiritual literature is allegorical in nature. If it's not allegorical, then it's not Spiritual. For reasons I don't want to get into here (I don't want to get anywhere close to it, in fact) it's *unlawful* to discuss the Divine directly, in any manner other than through symbolism and allegory. St. Paul offers some direction on this in 2 Corinthians 12:4. The point is, even the OT is highly allegorical. Adam and Eve are an allegory. Noah's ark is an allegory. Moses parting the Red Sea is an allegory. Joshua commanding the Sun to stop is an allegory. King Solomon is an allegory (the *real* King Solomon lived in the Hindu Kush, btw, not in Jerusalem)..

The point is, when the OT speaks of "Israel" as a "chosen people" or even of "Jerusalem" or a "Temple in Jerusalem", it's doing so allegorically. These are *not* literal truths to be interpreted as such. Jerusalem symbolizes the Heart Center w/in man.. the Temple symbolizes the *temple* that all pious, God-fearing men must build therein, wherein they may find and worship God.. "Israel" symbolizes the physical body that surrounds this Heart Center. I don't want to delve too deeply into exegis here, but the point is you should *not* take these Scriptures at face value. You are harming yourself if you do.

Thirdly, the "Israel" of the Bible never existed. The Jewish OT does not date from any earlier than (about) 500 BC, and is nothing more than a variation on Persian Zoroastrianism, brought into the Levant by the conquering Persians in order to subdue the local Canaanite population and build a buffer state between Persia and Egypt. The Persian "fire god" was blurred w/ local Canaanite dieties like "El" and "Yahweh", and the history of the local Judeans and Israelis (i.e., Canaanites) was rewritten to give them an inflated opinion of themselves. "Jews" themselves are Chaldeans, Babylonian Magi (w/ names like Ezra and Nehemiah) who carried out this colonization policy at the behest of the Persian Emperor Cyrus. Iron Age Israel (the "Israel" of King Solomon, etc) never existed. Israel in 1000 BC was a minor, inconsequential, pagan, goat-herding fiefdom centered around the Jezreel Valley (from which it takes its name, Jezreel == Izreel). It was never anything more..

Lastly, I don't care what the name of the country is or what symbol is flies on its flags, but a rose by any other name still smells as sweet, and a piece of shit by any other name still smells pretty damn bad. I'll let you guess which bucket the state of Israel falls into, but (imho) the modern state of Israel is most certainly *not* a Creation of the Hand of God.. anything but. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise..

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