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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

You did'nt answer my specific question.

I know my WW2 history pretty well. The slave labour camps existed. No one doubts that. I dont doubt brutality went on their. Especially post 1943 as tens of thousands of innocent German women and children were incinerated on a regular basis from Allied bombing. Tends to make you a little heartless having your family and friends incinerated.

My question was specifically the "Holocaust" which is a s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c claim made by a specific group of people. That Adolph Hitler and the Nazi apparatus undertook the extermination of European Jewry via "homicidal gas chambers" using a common pesticide of the day "zyclon b'.

This basic view of events has been elevated to the status of "undeniable fact".

Their is a concept in law that "truth" is the ultimate defence. Once a witness has been discredited, that witness can no longer be relied on.

The EXACT details of WW2 are up for grabs. I look forward to a vigerous debate where Hitler and ALL the murdering bastards of WW2 can find their final place in history.

Now, back to the specifics of the "holocaust" your humble opinion, did the Nazi's murder via homicidal gas chambers using Zyclon B?

I am not trying to "win", but i am trying to prove a point. To say that with the discrediting of the war time propaganda of the gas chambers that Hilter be elevated to Saint hood is not the automatic assumption. But he may well lose the mantle of Devil incarnate.

Again, as a man who questions the mainstream, can you still believe the fairytale of Hitler and the homicidal gas chambers?
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