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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

Again, i'm not trying to be a smart arse but you still hav'nt answered my question.

I'm quite *certain* that there were death camps (i.e., Vernichtungslager) that were used exclusively for extermination purposes.. although I'm basing this more on the logic of Rule by Terror and fascist politics.
Come on. That is not good enough. We base things on evidence. Their must be evidence. If their is limited "concrete" evidence then the witness statements must be clear and concise and above all CONSISTENT. Which they are FAR from.

I am talking specifically on the "Holocaust" of the Jewish people. Specifically using homicidal gas chambers. I have no doubt ALL the camps had facilities for people the Regime wanted to get rid of but the claims are quite specific...that Adolph Hitler, who had no fear putting things down on paper, ordered "informally", the extermination of European Jewry using homicidal gas chambers. Gas chambers that would have had to run day and night along with the crematoria. These are specific allegations on a specific issue. That other "atrocities" occured in the East i have no doubt...i am specifically talking about the claims that are a "holy grail", that an ENTIRE people were marked for extermination using homicidal gas chambers. Can you address this directly? A yes or no will suffice and if you could based on what.

I appreciate your time on the matter.
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