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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

psholtz, hope you don't mind me getting involved in True's and your discussion.

You bring up the Jews in Prague's Jewish Quarter having been rounded up by the Nazis and deported to some unspecified "extermination" camp. Noting that you imply that these were innocent Jews, I have to question that implication. I myself is of Central European decent and have plenty of stories similar to yours from my family, but I have a few that differ significantly.

My parents grew up in Hungary during the last years of WW2; both of their first memories are of bullets flying past their ears, being on the run from the Russians, and my father was around 10-12 years old when the Russians squashed the Hungarian counter-revolution of 1956.

What happened in Hungary during these last years of the war has been utterly falsified by the victors of the war, i.e. the Jewish Bolsheviks that terrorized Hungary from the time they (illegally) seized power directly after the end of the war until the "regime change" of 1989-1990.

During the short period of time the last legitimate Hungarian government were allied with the Germans, a majority of the Jewish population were collaborating with the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia and conspired against the Hungarian nation in which they lived, working towards their goal to destroy the remnants of one of the last Traditional constitutions in Europe. This, after they succeeded in destroying Czarist Russia.
So, the Jewish collaborators and traitors actually invited the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia to occupy Hungary and install a Bolshevik government, which is exactly what happened.

Now, the Arrow Cross Party which legitimately ruled Hungary at this time, and in alliance with the Germans, realized that they will lose the war, but since Hungarians had an unpleasantly fresh memory of the events of 1919 when Béla Kun (Cohn) and his Jewish Bolshevik gangsters and murderers illegally seized power and terrorized and butchered the Hungarian population, naturally the leaders of the Arrow Cross Party led by Ferenc Szálasi refused to capitulate to the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia. They told the Allied powers, though, that they agree to capitulate to Western forces, like British, American or French. The Hungarian Arrow Cross Party were totally unshakeable in their decision that they would NEVER capitulate to the Russians and that they will fight them to the last bullet and last drop of blood, which is exactly what happened.

Now, in all this going on, the Jewish population were actively collaborating with the enemy, i.e. the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia, so when the leaders of the Arrow Cross Party went into exile, being the last legitimate government of Hungary, and tried to seek asylum in Austria, Switzerland or America and elsewhere in the West, the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia demanded their extradition back to Hungary to be tried as "war criminals". Of course, the Jewish Bolshevik fifth columnists that had infiltrated the Allied military and intelligence organizations, especially the American ones, and these Jewish fifth columnists being the same gangsters who were responsible for the butchering of the Hungarian ruling and educated classes in the 1919 coup d'état and managed to flee back to Russia, were happy to comply and extradited the Hungarian members of the government.

Would these Hungarian leaders have been sent to be tried in Nuremberg they would've been released, like the Hungarian regent during the period between the World Wars, Nicholas Horthy, because they had not committed any crime.
But the Hungarian leaders were not sent to Nuremberg, on the explicit demands of the Jewish Bolsheviks who were now illegally in power in Hungary, but were "sentenced" in show trials and murdered en masse by the Jewish Bolshevik traitors and collaborators, charged with made-up crimes they were supposed to have committed against the "innocent" Jewish population of Hungary.

This chain of events starting somewhere before WW1 and culminating in the above description does in no way relate only to Hungary. Similar events with identical roots took place all over Europe; Germany, France, Italy, Romania, etc.

A very good summary for the reasons of Nazi-German anti-Jewish laws are given by <a href="">Benjamin Freedman's excellent 1961 exposé</a> of behind-the-scenes Jewish conspiring. It's a fact that International Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, resulting in a world-wide economic and trade embargo against anything produced in Germany. This brought Germany to it's knees, but like Freedman points out, the Germans didn't make a move against them. In fact, Germany didn't make its move until a <a href="">German diplomat in Paris was murdered by a Jewish activist, 17-year-old Herschel Grynszpan, on November 7th, 1938</a>.

The big question for me, which I'm still unable to answer fully is:

How many of those Jews deported, arrested, tried, sentenced and executed for treason, collaboration with the enemy were actually GUILTY of the crimes they were accused of?

The true identity of Bolshevism and Communism has been thoroughly established but if you for some reason still have your doubts, read this <a href="">article by Mark Weber of IHR</a>.

To get to the point, in the appendix of the above mentioned article one can read:

"The following lists of persons in the Bolshevik Party and Soviet administration during this period, which Wilton compiled on the basis of official reports and original documents, underscore the crucial Jewish role in these bodies. These lists first appeared in the rare French edition of Wilton's book, published in Paris in 1921 under the title Les Derniers Jours des Romanoffs. They did not appear in either the American or British editions of The Last Days of the Romanoffs published in 1920.

"I have done all in my power to act as an impartial chronicler," Wilton wrote in his foreword to Les Derniers Jours des Romanoffs. "In order not to leave myself open to any accusation of prejudice, I am giving the list of the members of the [Bolshevik Party' s] Central Committee, of the Extraordinary Commission [Cheka or secret police], and of the Council of Commissars functioning at the time of the assassination of the Imperial family.

"The 62 members of the [Central] Committee were composed of five Russians, one Ukrainian, six Letts [Latvians], two Germans, one Czech, two Armenians, three Georgians, one Karaim [Karaite] (a Jewish sect), and 41 Jews.

"The Extraordinary Commission [Cheka or Vecheka] of Moscow was composed of 36 members, including one German, one Pole, one Armenian, two Russians, eight Latvians, and 23 Jews.

"The Council of the People's Commissars [the Soviet government numbered two Armenians, three Russians, and 17 Jews.

"According to data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik state, including the above-mentioned, in 1918-1919 there were: 17 Russians, two Ukrainians, eleven Armenians, 35 Letts [Latvians], 15 Germans, one Hungarian, ten Georgians, three Poles, three Finns, one Czech, one Karaim, and 457 Jews."

"If the reader is astonished to find the Jewish hand everywhere in the affair of the assassination of the Russian Imperial family, he must bear in mind the formidable numerical preponderance of Jews in the Soviet administration," Wilton went on to write.

Effective governmental power, Wilton continued (on pages 136-138 of the same edition) is in the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party. In 1918, he reported, this body had twelve members, of whom nine were of Jewish origin, and three were of Russian ancestry. The nine Jews were: Bronstein (Trotsky), Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Lurie (Larine), Uritsky, Volodarski, Rosenfeld (Kamenev), Smidovich, Sverdlov (Yankel), and Nakhamkes (Steklov). The three Russians were: Ulyanov (Lenin), Krylenko, and Lunacharsky.

"The other Russian Socialist parties are similar in composition," Wilton went on. "Their Central Committees are made up as follows:"

Mensheviks (Social Democrats): Eleven members, all of whom are Jewish.

Communists of the People: Six members, of whom five are Jews and one is a Russian.

Social Revolutionaries (Right Wing): Fifteen members, of whom 13 are Jews and two are Russians (Kerenski, who may be of Jewish origin, and Tchaikovski).

Social Revolutionaries (Left Wing): Twelve members, of whom ten are Jews and two are Russians.

Committee of the Anarchists of Moscow: Five members, of whom four are Jews and one is a Russian.

Polish Communist Party: Twelve members, all of whom are Jews, including Sobelson (Radek), Krokhenal (Zagonski), and Schwartz (Goltz).

"These parties," commented Wilton, "in appearance opposed to the Bolsheviks, play the Bolsheviks' game on the sly, more or less, by preventing the Russians from pulling themselves together. Out of 61 individuals at the head of these parties, there are six Russians and 55 Jews. No matter what may be the name adopted, a revolutionary government will be Jewish."
There are plenty of examples of horrific Jewish Bolshevik crimes of mass slaughter of ethnic Germans BEFORE the outbreak of WW2, which can only be understood as terrible acts to provoke the Germans to lose their cool.

"The Polish Bolsheviks kill 58,000 German Nationals in the Danzig corridor

In the months leading up to the German invasion the Polish Army and independent Bolshevik units had been slaughtering German nationals in the Danzig corridor. Mass killings of thousands of civilian ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) by both civilian and Russian NDVK Jews, who were confident that Poland would quickly defeat Germany. Many apparently expected to take possession of German farms and businesses. An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion.

Poles had been merrily slaughtering anything or anybody German since at least as early as April 1939, with smaller incidents stretching back to the close of WW I -- you haven't been told that by the Mass Media, or the fact that these atrocities were one of the main causes for the German invasion of Poland.

Germany had protesting in writing to the League of Nations literally dozens of times with no results."
(Quote from <a href="">"Why did Hitler invade Poland ?"</a>)

Other examples of Jewish war crimes can be read about in the <a href="">letter to Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Letter 07 20-Feb-1998</a>, written by Lubomyr Prytulak, where he writes in the introduction:

"In every case, I ask you to notice that all my evidence comes from always reputable — and, in fact, usually distinguished — sources, and almost all of it also happens to come from Jewish sources."

These sources are mainly John Sack and Norman G. Finkelstein.

So, the important question for me that hasn't been asked is did the Nazis have a good/reasonable/legitimate cause to mistrust the Jews and to impose restricting laws on them?

Once the war had broken out, did the Nazis have good/reasonable/legitimate cause to route out and punish Bolshevik/Communist/Jewish agent provocateurs, collaborators, traitors and spies, not to mention the regular fighters/soldiers that openly opposed the Nazis?
Remember, there was a war going on, and soldiers are prone to get shot and killed; that's the price you pay for engaging in regular fighting on ANY side of a war.

Now, honest Jews will HAVE to deal with this dark side of their history and complicity, before they have any credibility when talking about being victims of "extermination". Clearly, they brought it on themselves. Of course not everyone: one of my distant relatives was Jewish and married into my family. After the end of the war a couple of her friends offered her the idea to go to Nuremberg to "testify" about their "experiences" in the Nazi "extermination camps". The idea was to tattoo numbers on their arms and be each others' "eye" witness to the "truth" that they were there. For this they would get "compensation" from Germany, they said - what a great little scam! Needless to say, neither of them had been anywhere near any form of camp whatsoever. I can only speculate where they got this "brilliant" idea from, and the confidence it would work.
My distant Jewish relative declined to take part in utter disgust.

So there will always be exceptions. We will have to take a view more from above, as detatched as possible to try to determine the facts without avoiding uncomfortable truths and taboos.

The historical facts reveal that Communism declared war on the entire world, and this war is still going on, although not for long if people don't wake up VERY soon.

If Communism is in fact Jewish racial war (article <a href="">HERE</a> and <a href="">HERE</a>) against the rest of the world's races, which I'm getting more and more convinced about the more I study this issue, then it follows that this actually is a serious bid from International Jewry to take control over, and rule the world.

By the way, nomad, if you're reading this, and lately having turned into a Zionist supremacist proclaiming the superiority of Jewish intelligence and genes, do you mean that you think the Bolshevik Satanic slaughtering, murdering beasts giving animals a bad name are the crème de la crème of human intelligence and spirituality?

We live in the true Dark Age of the Kali Yuga, and the Jews rule the world.

That's not a racist statement, that is stating the facts. Would you not agree, nomad?
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