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Default Re: Unmasking the Truth about Witches

Thanks, igwt. I want to add that the greek word for enchantment or witchcraft in the Bible is "pharmacopeia", the root of our modern word pharmaceutical. All of the old comics about the witch's brew with bats (for the rabies virus) are only a hint of how important chemical influence is to the black arts. Example: suppose a female witch wants to seduce a "man of high morals" for blackmail, etc? So she slips some yohimbe or other sexual stimulant in his wine, VOILA!! That's basically how it works.

Black witchcraft is the ORIGINAL mind-control technology. No wonder you-know-who is in bed with them.

As the Mossad has said, the CIA is obsessed with mind control. Time to move on to the oath you took, boneheads.
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