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They are theft. The cancer is not some special kind of cell. It is just one that adopted the life-style of the parasite. It received the wrong information. In stead of learning to be productive, to provide for itself, etc., it learned that all it has to do is eat and grow, eat and grow, (even invented the philosophy of entitlement to the products of other people's work) untill it kills the normal cells around it, and the body dies.
Frankly your Attitude disgusts me!
You label those weaker than yourself e.g like the elderly and those that cant find a job as parasites and equal with animals.
You and your mate sablefish also advocate genocide or compulsary euthanasia to solve the welfare problem.The kind ideas Mengel Himmler and Hitler would have been proud of. I suppose next post you will be you advocating eugenics for the master race!:-x

If you are a socialist, what is your objection to the marxist world republic ? Not enough welfare ? You dreamed of different kind of marxism, and now you are disappointed ?
Your over simplification of anyone that opposes you astounds me!.You obviously have no idea about ideology otherwise you would realise there are several forms of socialism of which Marxism is just one.

To label anyone that disagrees with your Redneck peabrain views a Marxist is absurd!
That means you may possibly be at odds with Henry Makow himself because he has claimed to agree with Lyndon Larouche a type of socialist because he advocates a Mixed capitalist economy!.

I know because i have had much to do with the La rouche movement here in Australia and happen to know exactly what their policies are!.
Further your completely deluded and reactionary in claiming there is some kind of Marxist world state in planning.
There maybe a world state in the future but there is no way by following facts and evidence of recent decades that the type of Economic system will be anything close to socialism.
What is emerging in the world today will be anything but Leftwing. On the contrary it is more likely to be Economic libertarian type technocracy and therefore Rightwing by definition.

So far as I am concerned the u.s administration already does the one world state administration function perfectly especially with their imperialist wars all over the Globe for the sake of their already bloated economy!.
Even without the U.N they behave in this manner. U.N or no U.N the U.S has always been pushing for world government!Wakeup and get your deluded facts straight!

Perhaps it is you that is in the wrong forum.
I think Stormfront whitepride worldwide would be more to your liking and limited intellect!
Here i will do you a favour and link it for you!

Socialism = a system in which society (by state force) takes care of responsiblities which are the duties of the individual. Such as feeding yourself, your wife, your children;
As for this i agree but everyone has to have the oppertunity to participate in it not a minority.
At the present time not one western nation (third world things are even worse) has close to full employment.
Neither does business big or samll seem to be encouraging the conditions for full employment after they are interested in mortgages and Interest Rates and Inflation so why would they have more people employed than absolutely necessary.
The truth is they dont want full employment or secure employment.Although stats agencies both private and public are good at fudging unemployment figures to pretend they are creating more jobs Australia is good example!.Once again you are deluded wake and get your facts straight then debate me!

One thing is for sure you are not on my side over anything! It just goes to show one how wrong they can be about a forum and thinking that views about the NWO are anyhting close to their own!.
I think you are part of the diease and not part of the solution to my mind you are trolling here for troublemaking!.

btw: You have yet to answer the question in my initial post as to why you believe you are self sufficient of which you are plain deluded:-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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