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You do not need to see shackles to prove that you are a slave. The majority of the masses have shackles on the brain like an embedded micro chip. All the masters need to do is elicit a response and they would receive the response they were looking for because the people have been programmed. We need to just question things more like: 1.)why do commercials advertise to my children, when I'm the head of the household and would be the one paying money, 2.) why does the media only paint one side of the story when it comes to Isreal? when was the last time there was an article stating the fact that the prior to 1947, there was no Isreal and that it was all arabs living there. 3.)why did the media during the katrina crises call the whites who were taking things as doing it for survival, and the blacks doing the same thing as looters. 4.) why is it when blacks riot it is national news, but when whites riot it is not heard of? So these are some examples of how sources are being used to shape the thinking of the people.
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