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Default Re: why are people so hostile to white nationalists, or white separatists? Is it Pavlovian?

Since Madkhao leads me to believe that you are female, let me say first that you make me ashamed to share the same gender. You are a classic example of the brainwashed, deceived individual I discussed in my original post.

On the off chance that you are actually a "pissed off bull," let me say that you are a great disappointment as I find men to be much more intelligent than you appear to be, hence my preference for this forum which is predominantly male.

You seem unable to stay on point, even in discussing the content of my post. You prefer to generalize and write off first hand experience since it has not been yours. That is a strong indication of just plain ignorance, which I suspect is your major problem. Either that or a very strong bias of which I am unaware. Your knee jerk reaction reveals more than you know, none of it good, but it does go to illustrate the old axium that it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Yes, I am a separatist who happens to be white. I love and seek peace, quiet and harmony. To achieve this, I have often separated myself from some of my own race, should they prove to be detrimental to the above stated goals. Neither a joiner, organizer or agitator I grant to others that which I claim for myself which is the right to live the way I want with whom I please since I pay my own way.

For those like you who are rabidly liberal and love multiculturalism, I say have at it. You won't bother me in the least. Why do you have such a problem with those like me who don't give a fig about it and wish to avoid it? Control freaks like you want everyone to get in line behind them and since I strongly resist control I will never be in anyone's line, least of all yours.

If your attention span will allow for it, go back and check my original post; you will see that I neither attacked anyone's country of origin or any individual in particular. My first hand observations simply dealt with actions and outcome. If you have a problem with that, it is your problem, not mine. Well, more than enough about your posts.

As for the quote in Thumper's post, my first inclination was to just say "Bite me" but I have heard raving and ranting like hers so much that I am thoroughly fed up with it.

With no name attached to it but from the content, I have good reason to believe she is either jewish or a wannabe.

...unless you can kill the rest of us, INCLUDING most "whites".

Where is this idea that separatists want to kill off everybody or ANYBODY, for that matter coming from? The people I know who own guns, as I do, keep them for two reasons only, namely to protect themselves and their family members and secondly, their property. The framers of the Constitution thought the right to keep and bear arms so important that they put it in as the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

If you think white people are racists and want to "kill off" those who aren't, let me suggest that you cast your jaundiced eye toward Israel. Now there is racism personified. They are doing a very good job of killing off their minority, both nationally and individually.
Strange how that seems to missed your attention.

As far as separating and taking only that which white "racists" have made possible, that would include just about everything except "rap" music and ghettos. Believe me, we will be most happy to leave those with you. Enjoy. Hope you like your music acappella because electricity was (re)discovered by a white racist.

The UN will never carve out a country for white people, we don't need them to do that. We provided our own and are now the targets for takeover through unlimited immigration. Perpetual war for perpetual peace will take care of killing off many of our people. Whatever the outcome of all this will be only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, without the white race you would not be living in a country where your bullshit would be tolerated.

Scratch the surface and you find a communist every time.

Oh, I see Akbar has had a thought on the subject. To you I say, if the whites and their hatred and destructive ways are so feared, how do you explain the millions each year that leave their home paradises to get to formerly predominantly white countries? What a joke.
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