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Default Re: The Cloud upon the Sanctuary

It is true that there are no physically manifested insuler rings within the body of Christ. Yet notice carefully that Eckartshausen also states that the Ancient Alliance, or Church of the Living God must not be thought of as a normal secret society, meeting at certain times, and having hierarchies.

No. This is not his point. The Church of God is governed solely by Christ himself. It is Christ who makes the choices. Each in the body of Christ has a certain work appointed to him based upon the talents given. This is not a physical appointment based on any governing body in this world.

The members of the elect are subject only to divine providence. There is the earthly manifest church on this earth. Yet Christ was clear that this was the the mixed multitude. It has both tares and wheat. This is not the church Eckartshausen speaks of. He speaks of the inner assembly of the elect of Christ. And there really is such a thing.

The baptized, believing Christian has been raised up to heavenly places with Christ. He is seated within the veil, in the Holy of Holies. Not the physical temple which was only the outward representation. We have an altar that those who serve temples have no right to partake of.

This is the church of the first born enrolled in heavenly places, just as Hebrews 12 states.

Eckartshausen's 'High Priest' should not be seen as a physcial office of a physically manifested secret society such as those who falsely call themselves 'Illuminati'. This deals solely with the idea of function and endowments given by the Holy Spirit of the Living God. It is a spiritual idea. For in the Spirit, Christ has made us a kingdom of Priests to God, as Revelation states.

Eckartshausen's words are true. Yet, even as he states, those outside the veil simply will not understand what he is talking about.

The student must totally separate himself from the idea of a manifested secret society such as a manifested church building, Freemasonry, Illuminati, etc... The inner church of Christ does not function outwardly in this way.

Many are called, few are chosen. But faith really can move mountains. This is the true Mount Zion in heaven, not on earth. This is the Kingdom of God. It is not from this earth, nor does it obey the ways and means of societies on this earth.

Those in physical churches may or may not belong to the Church of the First Born in heaven. And it is in vain that any one should attempt diabolical mimicry of this body of the spirit. For the church of God is known solely by the Holy Spirit who has sealed the elect unto the day of salvation.
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