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Default Re: The Cloud upon the Sanctuary

It might be helpful for the student to understand some of Steiner's thinking on the epochs or aeons of this world. Albeit, this must be done with one or three grains of salt.

Steiner's Theosophical writings are almost wholly in line with the occult tendencies of the 19th century. It is very Germanic in nature. Very gnostic. Still it is in line with the Neo-Platonist bent of this era.

For all that Steiner, Boehme, Blavatsky wrote, their works were simply bricks in a wall called Mysterium Iniquitatis.

As much as I rail against the eschatological doctrine of Dispensational Premillenialism, I must add that the high Protestant view of Reconstructionism (Postmillenialism) is as bad or worse.

The Theosophists mix a concoction of Manachean Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, Hinduism, Luciferianism, and wrested, errant Biblical hermeneutics of eschatology to create an alchemical spiritual soup called Mysterium Iniquitatis. This was the forerunner to what Crowley finished.

The idea of Reconstructionism is that the world is slowly becomeing the Kingdom of God on earth. This was the thesis in Boehme's Aurora (or the Redness of the Morning).

The truth of the matter is that Steiner's 'Seal and Trumpet Age' is sheer goblty-gook. Sounds really wonderful, and it is in line with the eschatological bent of the times.

This was the great heresy of the Protestant movement. It was a logical progression based on a false premise; namely, if 1) the Pope was the Antichrist, and 2) the Protestants had restored and reformed primitive Christianity, then the church must be in a new era. One false concept led to another, and thus was born eschatological Reconstructionism.

The Bible neither teaches Premillenialism, nor does it teach an idea of Reconstructionism. These are doctrines born out of unstable and unlearned souls. Claiming to be wise, they have become fools.

The Bible teaches a progressive 'de-evolution' (real entropy, not evolution) of mankind before the Parousia of Christ. And there is no Reconstruction, Golden Dawn, or Reign of Christ on this earth. This earth is to be destroyed in real and actual fire that shall destroy the entirety of the elemental creation. Then there shall be real and actual New Heavens and a New Earth. This World is to be literally consigned to the flame.

The Mystery of Iniquity reached its zennith with Aleister Crowley. The Man of Sin has had his time. There is no Seal and Trumpet age to come as Steiner explains it. All has been accomplished. The only event left to occure is the Last Trump of the final judgement of the Great White Throne in Revelation chapter 20.

You can mark it down as a fact.

One more thing: Eckartsheusen himself was most probably a Reconstructionist. Hence his termenology: "Regent Mother of the whole world."

Be careful of Eckartsheusen. I gave this as a brief introduction to the church. Eckartsheusen has some good thoughts. Yet, it is my conviction, that even Eckartsheusen did not understand what he was talking about. Even worse, Eckartsheusen was most probably a Neo-Platonist at heart.
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