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Default Re: why are people so hostile to white nationalists, or white separatists? Is it Pavlovian?

Barbara I could not care less if you wanted to separate yourself to seek your peace, quiet and harmony.
Funny to achieve this, you have to rave and rant about multiculturalism and prepare for war.
Control freaks like you seek to remove what you hate from yourself rather than yourself from what you hate.
It's so much easier to change the world than it is yourself isn't it?
I don't think white people are racist - I think you are
As far as separating, don't forget to take your racist insults and comments with you. I do love nature and my music acappella.
It's racist to think that it is the white race alone who have the solution, who can oppose the nwo, and it is racist when the only solution you can think of is to separate your race.
Racism comes in all colors, so will the solution because so does the kingdom

There is not a grand conspiracy to kill white people, there is a conspiracy to kill the common people and that includes black, brown and white
Why can't you see that?

One thing is for sure, without the white race you would not be living in a country where your bullshit would be tolerated
I could not agree more, neither would the millions of other immigrants you hate so why are you directing your hatred in the wrong direction?
Why do you hate period?

how do you explain the millions each year that leave their home paradises to get to formerly predominantly white countries? What a joke
What formerly predominantly white countries are you talking about? What a joke indeed.

Guess what - life is how each of us individually sees it, multicultural doesn't work for you, it does fine for me.
Probably because I see myself as part of the culture and not apart from it.

You are right Bouncer, it is about supremacy. Racism, nationalism, separitism it's all categorized under supremacy.
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