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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback


I thought i was pretty clear.

If you had'nt noticed, firearms are quite dangerous and it should be compulsory for them to be registered and stored in strict safety.

A strict background on mental health and criminal history should then take place as does.

Compulsory attendance (as happens) at a gun club should be enforced and courses on gun safety etc...kept up to date.

No idiot on a whim should be able to waltz into a gun store and buy anything they damn well please.

Cars are also extremely dangerous. As a former R.N i saw their carnage first hand. At last count 1200 a year killed. We prove our competence via a licence to drive them. To practice as an R.N i attended University for 3 years...and gained a "license".

I have NO problem with the "local" State beauracracy keeping records. I have no problem with the coppers taking someones guns after an restraining order is issued.

With great power comes great responsability.

My point of view is based PURELY on the current practical world we live in and not some Libertarian dream world which will probably never come to fruition.

I do not call for a ban on guns or even a gun culture. I like guns. In fact i could probably go toe toe with anyone on the particulars of weapons and ballistics.

The registration of firearms is not a bad thing. Howards laws of course are a gigantic joke.

I personally believe if you show you are a responsable gun owner you should be allowed to have any gun you want kept in strict conditions.

As for the outlaws and their illegal guns. I know about it first hand. Blame Howard. You can also blame the "illegal fishermen" who bring alot in.

I thought that over the horizen radar could measure wave heights? Apparently wooden boats and high speed fibreglass models have built in stealth.
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