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Default Re: Prince Charles to Plead Islam's Cause to Bush

Thumper wrote:
the NWO religion will be interfaithism. forcing people to be tolerant of them and negating them all at the same time.

Europe looks more and more like the bastion of the NWO in the last days ahead of us.
Europe has always been the bastion of the NWO. The United States was just a short term diversion.

Take it from me, I've lived here all my life. The United States is a short term diversion.

I think William Blake wrote something along those lines way back in the old days. But I really don't know because I attended American public education.

Everyone should have paid more attention to Madimi and John Dee. They laid out the plan for the Antichrist New World way back in 1580-something.

I have Dee's book on my book shelf that tells all about it.

You might fear the Illuminati, but I suggest that everyone be more affraid of the Ordo Inspirati, i.e., False Prophets.
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