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Default Re: why are people so hostile to white nationalists, or white separatists? Is it Pavlovian?

WTF are you on about madkhao?

Are you reading the same posts as the rest of us?

You have mixed your dislike of the thuggish element of the professional haters with the simple observations of BARBARA and her defence of other peoples views.

Man, are you TYPICAL "left".

The biggest haters i have ever met are the lefties. "Rabid" is also a word i would use to describe them. They are also ALL in therapy or sucking on bongs or popping Prozac all day.

I have met a few honest to God old time fascists...i mean really hard core black shirts and i say this without a hint of exaggeration...the left leaves them for dead. It's just that the left consider themselves above all that "uncouth" stuff that makes them the most dangerous when the chickies come home to roost.
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