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Actually, GW and the current adm. WANTED 9/11 to happen. In fact, top level Bush adm officials had a meeting with the high-jackers of 9/11 2 days prior to it happening, in Palestine. That had leaked on the news once, but was quickly hushed up. The globalist have bought all the world's medias, including ours.
9/11 did several things in way of gearing us for a global takeover.
1. Provided an excuse to highten security, which led to the creation of our secret police (Office of Homeland Defense)... Not to mention the Patriot Act.
2. Gave us an excuse to go to war, and build Bush as a war-time president. Blind patriotism is clouding the judgement of the masses, who loose the capability to question things. Restored faith in a system now going straight to hell in a hand basket.
3. Provided a scapegoat (arabs)... All dictatorships have found a scapegoat... For example with NAZI Germany it was the jews. Now it's arabs.

Remember how all dictators come to power illegaly, by stealing office (remember the 2000 elections, where hundreds, maybe thousands, of votes were discarded in Florida, the very same state George Bush's BROTHER is governor of?).... Not to mention that the globalist had people planted all inside the supremem court.... In short, the people didn't elect Bush, the Supremem court did. This is a clear violation of our constitution.
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