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For the brainwashed sheep who REFUSE to look at facts, who REFUSE to look at history... I know this isn't gonna do any good because your so damned set in your ways of thinking "this will never happen to me because the universe revolves around me".
But the jews in Germany in the 1940's would have undoubtedly told you the same thing if you would went back in time and told them they would be shoved in gas ovens. The Romans would have said the same thing if you told them their empire would be tore apart by Germanic tribes. AND the Russians would have said the same thing if you told them their czar would fall and they'd be oppressed under communism and shoved in gulags. What is this "same thing" I'm talking about?
You already know it. You wanna say I'm full of shit. The difference btw me and you Bushies is that I CAN LOOK AT INFORMATION, GET TO KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, AND LOOK AT THINGS OUTSIDE OF THIS UTOPIAN PIPE DREAM YOU ALL LIVE IN!!! Some of you say how corrupt politicians and lawyers and media are, but you follow every damn thing they say without question. Because your weak, to damn weak to think for yourselves. And soon you'll pay for your weakness, because the clock is ticking.
You wanna say "my information comes from the internet". Most of it doesn't, it comes from contacts on the inside. But it's easier for you sheep out there to ignore this. Never have I seen people who ignorantly refute all evidence and bend discovery to fit your singular pre-concieved views... But atleast us "crazy conspiracy theorists" can offer evidence and intelligent arguments. I got flamed for bringing this up on, which is *supposed* to be a forum for open minded intellectuals!
To say "this will never happen" is to say that the halucaust, hiroshima bomb, manhattan project, african slave trade, salem which trials, and soviet gulags never happened. I dare you critics to pick up a godd**ed history book and actually look it up!
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