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Snake13 wrote:
Human Trafficking:

Does anyone know of the new crime industry called human trafficking?
basically, they kidnap young girls and sell them into slavery as forced prostitutes... They threaten to kill their families if they try to run, or tell. They abuse the women often. This is sick.
But, the globalist (NWO, ie, the UN) are behind this sick trade. I seen a movie on lifetime about it... I usually don't pay attention to lifetime, as I think it's just chick flicks. But my friend said I must watch it, so I did. I'm glad I did.
These people have infiltrators at all levels of all governments around the globe. You see, the globalist have little concern about us. We are mere property to them. Unless your filthy rich, they don't treat you like a human. These people are fucking animals! And those are the people running our world! Theyr fucking making a fortune on rape, murder, and blackmail!
Bush is working on the same ladder of crooks... And most people follow him because their fucking brainwashed IDIOTS!!!
You've seen a movie on Lifetime Television?


How was it?
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