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Also, I am a scientologist. I have my own views, but I don't believe in religion... My personal view is religion was created by the Illuminati to enslave the minds of man, and they are secretly worshipping aliens under the guise of god. The greys put us here. But as long as your not gonna make me into a "devil worshipper" I can put religion aside for those religious christian folks. Do bear in mind though, if any religion is the victim in this, it non-christians. I'm tired of the DOMINANT religion claiming persecution and then running around making laws and policies to subjugate everyone, including non-christians, to their views. Seperation of Church and State is just as much a part of America as the constitution, we shouldn't hafta bow down to someone else's god. The Christian coalition is behind the religious infiltration of politics which leads to political/economic/social ailenation of "outsiders", it's brought to you courtesy of the NWO. As long as you don't shove it down my throat we can get along fine.
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