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Ok, since this stupid damn computer didn't wanna f'ing post it, I'll post this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am a scientologist. I have my own views. A problem I see within the "conspiracy theory" community is some are unknowingly helping it through religion. You can believe what you want, that's the American way. Elimination of seperation of church and state ISN'T the American way. SoC&S is just as much a part of America as the constitution.
The Christian coalition is behind the religious infiltration of politics, passing laws and policies subjugating non-believers. This infiltration isolates and alienates non-Christians socially/politically/economically. my personal opinion is that religion was a brainwashing tool for the globalist, to pit us against eachother. Like a big cult.
But as long as you don't shove your religion down my throat, we can get along fine.
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