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Default Re: “Michael Ruppert Becomes Front Man for Illuminati Depopulation Agenda”

E-Mail I sent to the energy editor at FTW.


Dear Dale,

Unfortunately, due to not being a subscriber I cannot get a look at your claims.

Dale, I have no need for great big scientific theories to debunk "fossil fuels".

I just try to imagine, before I go to sleep, layer upon layer of dead dinosaus and rotting rain forests, piling neatly in some amazing extra special carbon cycle, which existed at some special time frame in ancient history, which allowed for billions and billions and billions and billions of tons of oil and gas to form in lovely pockets in the Earths crust...from their I burst out laughing and I get my answer. I usually sleep well after.

Not to mention those vast seas of methane on Titan...bit of a bugger that one.

As for it must all be a scientific conspiricy and therefore, scientists are just some of the most arrogent, hard headed SOB's you will ever meet who hate it when their pet theories are challenged. Especially when their financial masters are not happy with them.

I remember a long running battle with a Pharmacologist at my work many years ago. He would state what a crock all this 'anti-oxident' and multi vitamin stuff was...the man had a pHD! I placed ream after ream of studies on his desk...he ended up hating me and would not speak to me...and now? Common knowledge. The people have spoken on the issue and the SOB pharmaceutical companies are pathetically now trying to cash in.

Who needs a conspiricy when scientific hubris and plain arrogant arseholes will suffice.

A good friend of mone, M*** D****, Senior Scientist - Genetics and Molecular Biology(pHD) at *** here in **** tells me stories that make my toes curl. Scientists blatently falsifying results and indeed making them up out of thin air in order to keep the funding going.

Are your favourite scientists immune?

Are you immune Dale? After all, I presume Mike is paying the bills.



P.S Please explain Titan
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