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Default Re: Queen Elizabeth II said, "This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your own authority."

Shannow wrote:
mihai_bravu wrote:
I agree, TB. Isn't Charlie older than Elizabeth by now?

I wish Diana were still alive. We like Diana in the states. I don't why. I think Ophra liked her or something.

But Diana was nice, and she was pretty [edited for content].
She had lovely teeth, and unflightworthy ears, admittedly, and was introduced as the potential partner to ole'jugears a little prematurely IIRC.

Anyway, back to the show
You know, shannow, I think that Americans have a secret desire to sometimes talk like a Brit. Seriously, don't you just sometimes get that strange urge?

I know I do. But I always come out sounding like a Texan trying to sound like a Scot, or a Mexican.
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