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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

As I said, You are a fool. You have been dooped by the anti-gun societal engineer's.
There's ya cocksuckers argument. As in ...there is none.

I am simply a disrupter?

Dont fucking insult me idiot.

Tell me why you think ANYONE, at ALL times, should have INSTANT access to firearms whenever they feel like it...or is your cock simply small?

"Is ya cock simply small" is the level of your argument. I'm just lowering myself.

Again, make a detailed point of why you think there should be no registration of firearms and therefore ANYONE at ANY time can get one WHENEVER they feel like it.

As someone who knows the underworld in Oz, I assure you that it aint bank robbers that are the problem. I have NO fear of professional criminals and guns. It is those "family men" and general small cocked weasels who do most of the killing here in Oz...Port Arthur excepted. A Globalist put job.

Can you grasp this? Or are you the extremist and incredibly brain washed. Capable of only extremist "left/right" arguments? I am not calling for law abiding citizens to not have guns. I am calling for registration so that ONLY law abiding citizens can have guns who can prove they are responsable enough to have one, or ten. my post carefully...if you can read...or you may well be just a conditioned parrot which you certainly sound.

I would prefer my medical staff well trained and able to prove their proficiency to the task. Like wise with the drug fucked fools getting around, I would like similar constraints on the ownership of firearms.

State run and with no Federal access without warrent.

We need rules to live in the current world we live in. When the Libertarian boys dream comes true you can have all the guns you want to play with.

While drug fucked middle class men are getting abandoned by their wives I want strict enforcement of gun laws...NOT draconian laws that take away guns from responsible owners as has been put in by our Prime minister John Howard. Just sensible gun laws, just like a sensible test to drive a car. Some people should'nt be allowed to drive cars and some people should'nt be allowed within 10 feet of a high powered weapon capable of killing easily at distance.

Tell me you get it.

You can disagree by all means but at least read the post carefully. I know Queenslanders and Americans have trouble reading at times but i'm sure you will do your best.

When guns are outlawed - Only outlaws will have guns...
Again my non reading extremist friend...i am calling for registration...N-O-T outlawing of gun ownership by resonsible citizens. Can you tell the difference between these subjects? Or are YOU the extremist?

Back to Stormfront for you Herr Wolf.
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