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truebeliever wrote:

Please explain how my religious beliefs make me a controlled tool of the Globalists? Or for that matter, anyone besides God?

Truly, these sorts of comments astound me. Religion is the expression of a direct experience of the God Head. Religion is not meant to explain anything. Religion is always based on an experience and is Gods way of pulling you up from the mud of pure animal behaviour.

Be more specific in your criticism. The churches have failed, but not religion.
Iím not trying to be critical about religion, Iím being critical about the way people perceive religion.

Spirituality is far simpler than religion explains it to be. If I were to write my own religious scripture, it would only contain a single word. "One".

The "God Head" is not the true God. The God described in holy text is not the true God. God is far beyond explanation but we experience God every second of our lives. You cannot "meet" God; you can only untie your blindfold and SEE God before you. You will see yourself, and in your eyes you will see everything, because we are all One.
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