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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

I disagree whole heartedly Mary.

I get around alot. I know alot of people from all over the world. I've mixed with hard core Romanian drug dealers to Russian Orthodox Monks (actually not so far apart). To link Homosexuality and Paedophilia is spurious at best.

I have many male friends who are bi-sexual or homosexual. They know my views on the subject. It is between them and God.

Many humans of the homosexual persuasian hate the 'gay lifestyle' as much as you and me. They simply want to let and let live.

I'm not sue what type of sexual predators you are aware of but the vast majority who prey on children are heterosexual. Usually the father or close male relative. Of course females preying on children is another matter not spoken of.

Paedophilia is undoubtably over due it's un covering. The sick thing about it is that it ranges over the entire demographic. There is no segment of society untouched.

The sad fat is that it has ALWAYS been. Not so long ago it was parse for the English gentleman to have a wife, mistress and young boy he buggered.

People would even swap children over as veritable slaves to a household.

The Elite are heavily involved in this area. They are bored sick individuals with far to much time and money on their hands.

They are heavy drug users particularly of Amphetamines and Cocaine. Amphetamines inparticular is wrecking society far more than Heroin EVER did.

It destroys the frontal lobes making ethical and moral decisions less able to be processed. More and more bizarre behaviour ensures as a result. Almost like the unconscious is desperatley trying to make the individual feel something...anything.

So many of the murders, child kidnappings, occult practices have heavy drug use involved. This also includes leagal SSRI's like Prozac

I have never believed that the state has any right to tell me what i can and cannot put into my body.

However, drugs are ripping apart society to such an extent that something needs to be done. Of course the fact that the Elite control the drug trade is the big joke on us.
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