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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

"There's ya cocksuckers argument. As in ...there is none.
I am simply a disrupter?
"Dont fucking insult me idiot."

What a concise and well thought-out reply.
And you call me an idiot ? It's funny how the sheeple who pretend to be so intelligent and well educated are so easy to get at. With that much frustration built up - You are the kind of person who should NOT own a gun.

Let's see who can READ now asshole.

Gary Mauser, Professor
Simon Fraser University, Nov. 27th 2003

The Australian government made sweeping changes to the firearms legislation in 1997. However, the total homicide rate, after having remained basically flat from 1995 to 2001, has now begun climbing again. While violent crime is decreasing in the United States, it is increasing in Australia. Over the past six years, the overall rate of violent crime in Australia has been on the rise – for example, armed robberies have jumped 166 percent nationwide.

The confiscation and destruction of legally owned firearms has cost Australian taxpayers at least $500 million. The cost of the police services bureaucracy, including the costly infrastructure of the gun registration system, has increased by $200 million since 1997.

“And for what?” asks Mauser. “There has been no visible impact on violent crime. It is impossible to justify such a massive amount of the taxpayers’ money for no decrease in crime. For that kind of tax money, the police could have had more patrol cars, shorter shifts, or better equipment.”

Yep, gun registration really paid off in your homeland didn't it Truebeliever ?

Gun registration is a prelude to confiscation, PERIOD ! If you can't see that, Again I say- YOU ARE A FOOL !!!!!!!!!
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