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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Now listen carefully...unlike the Professors in their Ivory Towers in Uni land I actually know how the streets work.

The crime rate and homicide rate is CLIMBING due to 2 things...

1. The HUGE increase in consumption of Amphetamine - ESPECIALLY Crystal Methamphetamine. This is a simple fact known by anyone in Law Enforcement or working in a Emergency department. I repeat...a s-i-m-p-l-e f-a-c-t. Go down and ask your local copper what is driving the crime rate. Where there is meth dealing you find crime! Especially violent crime.

2. The growing monster of mental health. Particularly depression.

Amphetamine is a cancer. It must be wiped out...there goes %90 of your crime. Especially violent.

I also had many simple points in my post. You have addressed none except for the blanket response of the local yokels that if they BAN guns...blah blah blah. That is a seperate issue completely. And i would be out in the streets fighting that one.

You make the automatic assumption that with the simple prudent act of calling for the registration of firearms that the sky will fall down. I will tell you that ANY central database is bad but let me let you in on something...we are not currently living in the Libertarian dream world where we run through the fields free as the birdies...we live in a jungle...and i happen to like rules and regulations that ensure i can walk down the street relatively free from harm. Imagine your world with the current drug psychosis epidemic! With every tosser armed to the teeth and his monthly binge on the Meth! God help us!

So get back to reality...where we actually live now. I then suggest you educate yourself on the political process and join it. Only then, with the political process in the hands of the people will things change. (I shant be holding my breath).

Everyone owning a gun will not stop the march of the Globalist Police State. It will in fact speed it up because the average Yank slob will NEVER use it, because like ALL westerners when push comes to shove he'll capitulate - because he is a fat slob coward scared of losing his widgets.

As a further note...if you look it up, you'll find the cases of blokes blowing away their wives and friends with shot guns and .22 rifle's has PLUMMETED! These are the people who scare me. Not the freaked out meth heads robbing a bank. And i want STRICT enforcement of AVO's, especially where firearms are concerned.

I suggest you stop being an "extremist" and get a little smart with the issue and dont accuse people of being "idiots" when you ownly have the same "blah, blah" response you accuse me of. You are as bad as the Feminazi idiot anti gun lobby with your own selective crap.

As someone who knows research scientists and Clinical Psychologists I suggest you take ALL of their writing as bullshit and work it out for yourself.
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