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Default Re: They can't help themselves

I am going to be sick.

It is like watching someone rifle through rubbish bins for cigarette butts.

That this twerp could sink to this? I can just imagine ASIO and F.P spokespeople running for the exits not wishing to have to be caught up in explaining this tripe.

"Winston" will most definately earn his place in history. Along with that Fat Fuck Fabian Socialist Beasley.

We are witnessing NEW levels of pathetic "grasping". One thought the "Kiddie Overboard" drama was fairly close to the barrel bottom.

Reminds me of LBJ when questioned on the Gulf Of Tonkin and in a corner. In desperation, and much to the dissapointment of his minders (who now had to make up the extstravagant lies to back up the lies...)

"Our boys are in the water"!

Along with the truth, well and truly overboard and beyond saving.
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