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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

I personnaly agree with TB. Gun ownership will not prevent the Gestapo from throwing a grenade in your house. On the contrary, those who shoot will be the first to be arrested or killed, a la Waco. The armed militia resistance is a fantasy of Americans. The tanks would just roll over them like they did in Tianamen square. Ask Norman Olson, the commander of the Michigan militia, and a friend of mine, and he will tell you that people prefer to stay home watching TV than to train. The militia is dissapearing.
Also, a gun is not for everybody. Even though I used to be in shooting competitions, I don't have a gun anymore. Never been robbed in my life and live in a condo where it is almost impossible for a robber to enter. But if I had a house, I would buy one.
What made me vote against the ban was the fact that I despise the idiots in the government who want to tell us that they know how we should live our lives better than we do. Morons who wanted to disarm the good folks while letting the criminals buy their guns thru the border inflow from Paraguay.
Also, the fact that it was a big rehearsal of social control...if they could pass this stupid law with the help of their lefty TV stars, they could pass any law. Next would be abortion, euthanasia, homo marriages, etc. Now they will have to think twice.
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