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Default Re: They can't help themselves

What a bunch of absolute bullshit.

There is a similar story in the SMH at

A 'specific threat', which cannot be elaborated on, coming at just the right time to speed up introduction of a massively unpopular (among the people, don't believe the propoganda) piece of legislation, just when there looked like there may some sense of caution among the politicians.

A 'specific threat' so bad that the idiot prime minister wants to get it railroaded through both houses of parliament in 2 days, yet not so bad that it 'would require a change in the general terror threat level for Australia'.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. The report (in the SMH) states that

However, Mr Howard said Australians should know all was being done to protect their safety.

Again, what a bunch of toal, absolute and utter crap. I'm so angry about this I want to hit someone (and I am a Christian opposed to war and violence). His hubris, and the almost bind-bending apathy of the bulk of the Australian public on what this legislation actually mean, is staggering.

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