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I'm not a bit concerned as you don't sound like you have the intellect the Illuminati would require.
With the quality of your posts...likewise.

It's like having a 2 year old accuse you of stupidity.

BTW...i'm not a bad guy. But dont call me an idiot when you cannot even debate the point.

You can effectively call the NWO a demon of christianity, much like NAZI Germany was. It doesn't mean theyr a real christian agenda, or organization.
And what of Stalin? Hitler never touched the Church in Germany though Himmler was chasing them from the SS.

I dont buy the "occult" bullshit regarding Hitler. Hitler was a rationalist. I once went to a Laroche meeting. That does'nt make me one of them.

Himmler was a different story. Definately Pagan. A full on occultist? Well, given the quality of the historical reporting of the war including the Holohoax I am taking everything with a pinch of salt. I have a few books to read on the matter before I make up my mind.

As for the neo - cons. They have nothing to do with the "right" or "fascism". They are full of old gaurd "Trotskyites" and are completely Bolshevik in origen. They are carbon copies and talk the ideological talk in your face but are constantly accused of being "right wing Christians". This is an inside joke in their circles.

Fascists are nationalistic and look after their own. Is someone going to tell me "W" is working for the American people?

As for UFO's. They are high tech aircraft and the UFO stuff is their to amuse people at the Pentagon who release paper work on all sorts of things to keep the gullible...gullible. There may well ne genetic manipulation going could they help themselves?

To call human beings an experiment of "Aliens" is to slap God in the face. It is an infantile fantasy created to assuage the loss of God from peoples lives. In this Age of Aquarius, aliens have replaced angels.

That people automatically assume that their is another more "wise race" out "there" who is coming to rescue us shows just how afraid we are to pick up our cross and take responsability for Gods creation. This fantasy that Aliens will come and rescue us or whisk us off to another planet came to be during the height of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annhialation. Wise Alien Race has replaced God.

We are Fatherless in more ways than one.

Just to is not that there IS'NT other worlds out their far wiser than us. It is the amazing "automatic" assumption that there must be which is the desperate wish of someone who is not willing to accept responsability for this planet and their part in the chaos.
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