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Default Re: In celebration of the Australian terrorist threat, the bird flu, and Fake Bohemians

Wow...ok, that was great.

Next, we've got some Prussian Blue for you. This is the Neo-Nazi answer to Marykate and Ashley.

They can't play. They can't sing. Still, they are perfect for tonight's celebration.

Sometimes, Prussian Blue gets my volking blood stirred up! Cute girls too. Blond hair; blue eyes. I think that's within the rules.

I've got Cherokee blood, Irish blood, French blood, and Afro-English blood (way on back somewhere, I'm sure)...

but for some reason these girls make me want to shed a small tear for the great Fatherland!

Be gone with the an epic, if I could figure out what they are talking about. I think they are worshipping Hitler or something.
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