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Default Re: They can't help themselves

If it gets passed then i will move from "metaphorically" sick to "actually" sick.

The amazing thing with all this is that Howard believes he can say this ridiculous statement and not have the media collectively laugh in his face. That an attack is imminent, and only knew laws will stop it which means they have suspects and a great deal of intelligence...but they cannot act on it?

They can pull me over for a licence check and demand to search the car on a whim but they cant stop the "Imminent Attack" on liberal Australia?

They have just forked out a huge sum to a Muslim man who's house they raided, apparently by mistake. They are embarrassed and need a distraction.

As an example...they have intelligence that a group of people are going to rob a bank. The coppers come and tell us that they are helpless and need knew laws to stop the bank robbers... We would collectively laugh in their face and ask what drugs they were taking.

But this is EXACTLY what is happening!

"Terrorism" is simply a crime, like ANY other crime. To counter it, you gather intelligence, tap communications, surveille and prepare to arrest the suspects. Present this evidence to a court.

It's really quite simple.

The continual claim that they cannot do this shows that Howard is in DEEP on this scam and is not simply a useful idiot. That high level F.P and ASIO go along with a straight face shows they are compromised and are indeed traitors by any definition to this country.

I have the feeling Howard will lose on this subject. We should not smile. The Globalists need the Oz public under control with a draconian police state before they move on over to suck us dry. That will mean a contrived terror attack on the scale of the London Bombings.

New York will no longer be the Tactical center of operations for the Globalists...The Strategic center will remain in the U.K. with a regional office in Jerusalem.
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