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However, some have clinged onto the whole religious thing too tight, and against the better wishes of the globalists, those people put their faith ahead of the government who conditioned them to it. I think though, that they use this strong conviction to their advantage in rallying the catholics (and rednecks) who'll follow without question, and further use it to alienate non-christians.
It's not that I don't believe a god exists. I just think our world is too insignifigant in the polyverse to have any clue about it. All religious gods, IMO, carry no validity. We don't really know anything about him/her/it except it's either evil or apathetic. I think id such an "omnipotent" god exists, there is no excuse for all the evil and suffering in the world, as if this being were so omnipotent and powerful it could stop this from happening, no matter what.
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