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Default Let me ask a few question of the anti-religious . . .

Now, this site is intended to be about our freedoms . . . freedoms of our speech, of our thought, of our daily lives. Knowing this, and knowing that some of us have God in our daily lives, surely, religious freedom falls into the category of what this site stands for. It stands for those of us who wants these freedoms, and stands against those who wish to take these freedoms away.

I find it sort of ironic that there are some members of this site that show total disdain to those of us who like to show answers to problems through religious thought.

It is the belief of a few people in this forum that those against religion are just as bad as those who wish to take away our rights as human beings.

I have been PMed on more than one occasion about this topic, asking me to pose the question . . . and I was sort of wondering about this myself, anyway. Maybe its just because I seem to have brass balls that I have been chosen to be a spokesman, of sorts . . . but by all means, please tell us your reason for wanting to seemingly supress God by answering the questions below without flaming me or anyone else (in other words, intelligently)

Can those of you who are AGAINST religious discussion please tell me why you would supress those of us who decide that through God all things are possible?


Don't you think that, maybe, you are just as bad as those who wish to take our freedoms away by trying to supress our religious based threads?


Does the act of trying to supress these religious responses go agains the freedoms that this site stands for?

On behalf of myself as well as others, I ask this.


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