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Default Re: They can't help themselves

truebeliever wrote:

A little ray of hope hit me a couple of days ago.

A guy who writes the speeches for the Premieres Office was at my house. He was renting a place to my sister. I could'nt believe my luck.

I mentioned 9-11 etc in my best "casual drop" tone and off he went. I have provided him with some info. He was grateful and willing to look at it. Working for the government, he does'nt trust it either.

There are thousands like him. Just waiting for the little push over the edge.
I so hope that you are right.

There's a small group of people at work who have voluntarily taken the red wishes he was back in dreamland.

As to where we are with terror.

If there's a real threat, here and now, and they can't tell us what and where for whatever reason, then we should all be on RED.
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